WDM Capabilities

We offer innovative and progressive products to organize and maximize space in the computer technology environment of today and into the future.

WDM provides and supports the best selection of data center infrastructure, network/telecom related products to meet the demand for today’s energy and cooling needs. We provide enterprise global management for servers, appliances, power, with enterprise network monitoring.

Project Planning

WDM is your Innovative IT Solutions for technology management. WDM is a single source to organize IT technology start to finish. Our large network of equipment and service providers, we will find the right solution for your project. And, always, we guarantee total customer satisfaction.

Business Relationships

Over our forty-year history the computer industry has experienced amazing changes through technological advancement. Along with these advancements, WDM has had to change as well. Only one constant remains and that is our dedication to unparalleled customer service and continued support. We are committed to building long-term relationships and providing our customers with the best products and services available.

Our Expertise Includes

  • Engineering labs and data center automation
  • Command console with video wall concepts
  • Installation services and local design engineering
  • Green Data Center solutions
  • Equipment workstation and enclosure products
  • Project management team coordination expertise
  • Hot/Cold isle containment customization
  • Laboratory and industrial workstations
  • Interoperability test automation
  • OEM design and product manufacturing
  • Cloud Computing infrastructure design build
  • Overseas manufacturing partnership
  • OSHPD seismic design and installation
  • State of California Small Business (CMAS) Contract
  • Federal GSA price schedule (Woman-owned status)
  • 40 years of product knowledge and resources
  • Migration solution and network engineering services
  • Doing business with 26 of the top 50 businesses in the bay area

Our Benefits Include

  • Major cost reduction with factory direct purchases
  • Reduction in vendors with one source responsibilities
  • Environmental, green and safety measures factored during design phase
  • Visionary concepts to increase productivity
  • Project oriented from architect, engineers to installers