Go Green Data Center Bundled Options

Go Green Data Center package options

“Green” from an Information Technology Perspective. Data centers produce 2-3% of the global total pollution in the form of power consumption. This is getting worse as power and cooling requirements double every year, while the equipment grows smaller. 14-20 new power plants must be constructed to feed data center needs alone in the next 5 years. WDM Inc bundled options reduce power consumption for same equipment by around 50%. They save floor space and Capital Expenditure/Operations Expense for digital resource deployments.

Extreme Storage Solution

  • 80 TB per 3-U
  • 16K IOPS per Bay
  • Extreme Capacity
  • Most Green


  • Highest computing density
  • Fastest and Most Cost-Effective Networking Solution
  • High Efficiency Power for Earth-Friendly Operations
  • Most Green

Public Cloud Storage

  • Slashes storage costs
  • Increases read/write throughput by allowing parallel data transfer
  • Accelerates performance and load-balances capacity
  • Simplifies deployment by allowing incremental expansion