Technical Furniture Planner

Use this worksheet to specify a LAN Center that allows you to organize your LAN system hardware into a single, space-saving location. Using the “building block” components of the LAN Furniture System for computer hardware, it’s easy to maximize the use of valuable floor space. Best of all, the system is expandable to accommodate future changes in the number or size of monitors, CPUs, and other peripherals.

Items marked with an asterisk * are required.

How Much Space is Available:
Dimensions of Available area:
Desired Length: Width: Height:
Is this space against a wall or divider? Yes No
If no, do you want to mount equipment on both sides of your LAN station? Yes No
Will this require a corner configuration? Yes No
Needed Features:
Does the LAN center need to be mobile? Yes No
Mobile CPU shelf? Yes No
Does the LAN rack need to bolt to a wall? Yes No
Will a worksurface be needed? Yes No
Worksurface width: other
What worksurface finish do you require?
If yes, can monitors be on worksurfaces? Yes No
Peninsula table needed? Yes No
Is storage required? Yes No
  Type: Overhead Files Keyboard
Is a locking enclosure required? (13"H x 13"D standard) Yes No
Cable management? Yes No
Power Strip? Yes No
Surge Protection? Yes No
Is seating needed? Yes No
Equipment List:
Monitors: Up to 15" Diagonal qty. Printers: Dot Matrix qty.
  17" to 19" Diagonal qty.   Laser qty.
  20" and Higher qty. Other: External Modem qty.
CPUs: Desktop qty.   External CD-ROM qty.
  Mini-Tower qty.   External Drive qty.
  Tower qty.   External Tape qty.
  Double Wide qty.   UPS qty.
Input Devices: Keyboards qty.   19" Rack Mount qty.
  Mice qty.      
Please list any equipment specs if applicable (Monitors, Computers, test Equipment, Etc.:)
Are there any other special requirements that should be known prior to designing your LAN center?
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