Green Data Center

The Modular Green Data Center

Deploy a Leaner – Greener – Cleaner Containerized Micro Data Center

Enclosed Hot & Cold Aisles reduces the power required to cool by 50%

  • 12KW/RASER provides 600W/ft²
  • 12KW/RASER with DUAL HVAC provides 600W/ft²
  • 17KW/RASER provides 850W/ft²

Our Containerized Micro Data Centers Offer:

Closed Loop Cooling within Enclosure

  • 50-80% More Energy Efficient
  • 30-50% Reduced Energy Cost
  • Integrated Hot/Cold Aisle

Disaster Tolerant Data Center Environment

  • Air Tight and Fire Resistant
  • Water Proof (NEMA 3R)
  • EMI/RFI Shielded
  • Integrated Physical Security w/ Electronic Audit Trail
  • Sealed Connectivity Provided Through Patch Panel
  • Purpose Built to be Mobile and Re-locatable
  • Earthquake, Shock and Vibration Protected

Product Offerings

  • Full Size Enclosure (42U)
  • Half Size Enclosure (22U)
  • Fully Mobile or Easily Re-locatable

Benefits of Containerized Micro Data Centers

Energy Efficient

  • Closed Loop Cooling
  • Monitored Environments
  • Optimized Airflow
  • Critical Temperature measurement

Reduced Capital Expense

  • Retrofit Current Data Centers
  • Scalable build to needs
  • Easy Upgrade
  • Reduced Footprint

Reduced Operating Expense

  • Facility Management Costs Absorbed by Enclosure Warrantee
  • Reduced Security Requirement
  • Facilities/IT Convergence (CADE) Enabling Platform