Weather Duck

Weather Duck


This weather station warns of damaging environment changes: perfect for server room or remote computer room monitoring. With door sensors, you know when a door has been opened. Add a Web Cam and see what’s going on out there. No power supply needed. Sensors are internal. The device plugs directly into your PC’s serial port. Add external sensors for suspicious hot zones.

With the supplied software, you can receive e-mail alerts or be paged when temperature or any of the other values is exceeded. View the data on the web. Log in Excel spreadsheets.

Add a Web Cam and the software attaches a picture to the web page.

Internal Sensors:
Air Flow
Light Level
Three Contact Sense ports
(intrusion sense – door open)

Remote Temperature Sensor with 12′ cord
Magnetic Door Sensors with 25′ Cord
Web Cam – plugs into USB port on PC
Sensors are internal

Windows NT Software Supplied:
Web accessible data page with alerts and logging
XML file logger
Excel ™ Spreadsheet logger, local or remote
SNMP MIB reporting (What’s Up Gold templates)

IT WatchDogs, Inc.