Virtual Taps

Virtual Taps


Virtual Taps provide 100% visibility of traffic passing between Virtual Machines (VMs) in virtualized computing environments and clouds. Virtual Taps include integrated management and monitoring tools for your virtualized monitoring layer.These versatile software devices also send monitored traffic in encapsulated tunnels to physical monitoring tools, so you can use your existing tools and infrastructure to monitor your virtual environment.

  • Extends monitoring access into the inter-VM networking layer
  • Enables monitoring for security and compliance in virtualized environments
  • Applies existing physical monitoring tools, processes, and procedures to the virtual network.

  • Phantom Virtual Tap™ for VMware ESX/ESXi Environments

    P/N: PT-DC-25,PT-DC-50

    Passive monitoring of Inter-VM traffic in VMware ESX/ESXi hypervisor-based virtual computing stacks. Phantom Manager component provides Tap control, administration, and traffic visibility. The Phantom Monitor component installs in the hypervisor for total traffic visibility. Use with virtual or physical intrusion detection systems, protocol analyzers, layer 2 and 3 probes, and other devices.

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  • Phantom HD High-Throughput Tunneling Appliance

    P/N: PT-HD-10-E, PT-HD-10-D, PT-HD-20-EE, PT-HD-20-DD, PT-HD-10-DE

    The Phantom HD terminates encapsulated traffic from Phantom Virtual Taps or other sources. It decapsulates the traffic and defragments those packets that occasionally become fragmented during tunnel encapsulation.

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