TMS-08 Thermal Management Solutions

TMS-08 Thermal Management Solutions


• Focus
The cabinet has, in the past, been considered to be “just a metal box” providing the mounting structure into which the interesting, expensive equipment was mounted. Today, however, the cabinet is performing an increasingly important role, not only having to house a number of different technologies but also providing a framework to allow individual installations to be tailored to best match the constraints and demands encountered.

The form and function of the cabinet structure can complement the operational efficiency of an installation when given some consideration and forethought. Equally, failure to understand and address potential issues can lead to increased operational costs as well as the threat of premature system failure.

Cooper B-Line’s Access cabinet system, the original corner-less cabinet, has been developed and enhanced with the goal of providing the ultimate cabinet solution. Designed from the frame up, the Access cabinet system has evolved with application excellence and user friendliness in mind.

Each Access cabinet solution is based on the same cantilever frame concept using a tubular frame top and bottom connected by central extrusions. This design allows unhindered 180º degree clearance around the front and rear mounting angles while at the same time offering clear access to the internal cabinet envelope.

The Access cabinet design allows installation and maintenance to be carried out in a far more efficient manner and ultimately provides a means to reduce the total cost of ownership during the lifetime of the cabinet. The wide range of cabinet sizes offered provides the ability to construct a diverse range of internal configurations, allowing both existing and future network components to be housed regardless of their mounting requirements.

• Unique
So what makes Access so different from conventional cabinets? The unique construction – open architecture without corner posts – enables the quick removal of all panels and doors to completely expose the open frame for installation of cables and equipment. Neater, faster and more user friendly cable installations are possible compared with conventional cabinets. The resulting installation is much easier to maintain with ready access to equipment and the avoidance of messy, un-workable cabling arrangements.

• Effective
The Access cabinet open frame structure provides virtually 360º total accessibility prior to installing panels and doors which gives installers maximum working access and the opportunity to greatly improve installation times. The elimination of corner posts also removes the need to excessively inset 19-inch mounting angles, achieving maximum equipment and working space.

• Flexible
The number of cabinet combinations available further enhances the strength of the Access design. From door options to top panels, Access achieves an unparalleled level of flexibility, providing the end user with the right cabinet for the right application.

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