Supplemental Zone and Spot Cooling (Water Based) – 60Hz

Supplemental Zone and Spot Cooling (Water Based) - 60Hz


The Liebert XDR (RackCooler) system has been engineered from the ground up as a supplemental cooling system designed to solve the specific problem of high heat loads in server enclosures. Liebert’s XDR system utilizes a cooling module that is attached to the back door of the computer rack enclosure. Fans in the module move room temperature air from the front of the enclosure, past the equipment in the rack, past a cooling coil and expel it from the back of the unit, chilled to the point where the impact on the room is close to neutral. The XDR system can be configured to take care of uneven heat loads within the room. In other words, it can be placed to eliminate hot spots.

Liebert’s XDR system consists of a number of cooling modules that are connected via quick-connect ports to a water pumping unit, XDWP. This coolant distribution unit controls coolant flow and acts as an interface with your building’s chilled water system through a heat exchanger. It senses temperature and relative humidity inside the critical space and holds the water temperature in the XDR units above the room’s dew point to prevent condensation on the coils.

Taking Heat Removal To The X-treme. Liebert XD™ Series Supplemental Cooling Solutions

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