Solutions for Cloud & Co-Location Data Centers

Solutions for Cloud & Co-Location Data Centers


Single and multi rack Pod based private cloud and very large public cloud and co-location architecture.
The supply model you prefer – components, subsystems, or solutions.
Targeted and tailored availability: N, N+1, 2N, or 2 N+1, at the required density, efficiency and scalability.

How Schneider Electric can help

Engagement you prefer providing infrastructure solutions, sub-system or components for your private or public cloud and co-location facility.
World wide organization with global supply chain and local warehouses for fast and predictable fulfillment.
Dedicated worldwide project manger to ensure clear communication and effective management of program deliverables.
Modular facility architecture for fast and easy design and deployment of the power and cooling plant for your public cloud.
Comprehensive management capabilities from global supervision down to automated virtual machine management.

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