SmartView World

SmartView World


The SmartView World offers a unique mix of local (server room), regional (office-wide) and global (IP based) server control to match the needs of network managers. KVM consoles may be directly attached to provide local control in the server room. Integrated extender ports enable control consoles to be located in offices up to 200m away and linked via Cat5/6 cabling. For wider access the SmartView World provides secure Intranet, Internet or dial-in IP control so users can gain access to servers from any PC on the company’s internal network or from anywhere around the world.

The SmartView World supports four simultaneous users, sixteen computers and is cascadeable to support up to 500 multi-platform computers using Adder’s XPro or Matrix switches. Almost all common types of computer may be connected using Adder’s PS/2, USB and Sun style KVM cables. One of the user ports is local, one operates via IP and the other two support both local and twisted pair extension connections.

The IP port is rich in features and is easy to use via its graphical interface which operates from within a standard web browser. A powerful array of security features are provided for peace of mind including dual-level IP and KVM security systems. Dial-in access and client IP address restriction features offer further security where required. In standard configuration mode the IP port will not require additional firewall ports to be opened, making the product popular with system administrators.

Power control is an integral part of remote server management. Because many servers have more than one power supply, the SmartView World provides an controlled by users in a simple manner.

The SmartView World benefits from Adder’s many years of experience in building robust KVM solutions that you can rely on. If you’re looking for a flexible and reliable server management solution, the SmartView World is the product of choice.

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