Smart CAT5 Switch 16 IP

Smart CAT5 Switch 16 IP


Sleek 16 Port KVM Switch with IP Access!

The 16 port, multi-platform, single user Smart 16 IP KVM switch gives secure local and remote IP access and multiple management options of up to 16 servers at a time, hundreds when cascaded. It features remote power management functionality. The rack mountable, 1U sized Smart 16 IP features the innovative CAT5 RIC cable to eliminate cable clutter and powerful OSD, serial and push button control.

From Computer Rooms to Server Racks

The Smart 16 IP is an ideal solution for computer or server rooms that are operated by one administrator and need the flexibility to work from a local or remote location.

Industry Standard Security

The industry’s most secure encryption, using 256-bit SSL protocol, guards your corporate data through every kind of remote access, to efficiently prevent hacking and security breaches.

BIOS-level, Multi-Platform Access

As an out-of-band solution, the Smart 16 IP lets you connect directly to servers on the BIOS-level to access and control mixed environments, including PS/2, SUN, USB and RS-232 devices.

Remote IP Access Internet, LAN, or WAN

The Smart 16 IP gives you secure access using standard TCP/IP networks to your critical data. The Smart 16 IP’s browser-based functionality avoids the need to install proprietary software on client or server.

Multiple Remote Access Applications

The Smart 16 IP can be used for a wide range of applications:

* Local or remote KVM access to computer rooms or server racks

* Whenever businesses require constant contact with servers, wherever they are

* Network administrators maintaining servers across the campus or the world

* Technicians troubleshooting remote PCs from their own offices or homes