Server Lift products are designed to meet strict computer center maintenance requirements by providing a data center solution to install computers and other equipment. Customers state that server room safety is a key priority when installing servers.

Server Lift Corporation has emphasized ergonomics in the server lift design. Server Lift is an advanced server and overall data center installation solution device. It offers peace of mind to users in any server room environment. Personnel can perform information center maintenance in a safe manner without sacrificing efficiency and effectiveness. Server Lift Corporation is confident that it will surpass your needs for this aspect of data center maintenance.

The Motorized Server Lift

  • Electrically operated server handling lift – 12 volt electronics
  • Compact and heavy duty structure – allows for optimal use in and around computer facilities and server farms.
  • Rated to lift up to 500 pounds.
  • Eight-foot lifting height
  • Two vertical position controls allow for operation from both sides.
  • Automatic, Varispeed hoist system provides for both accurate positioning and rapid vertical movement.
  • Side-shifting platform reaches six inches into standard, 19 racks and cabinets.

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