Sentry Serial Power Tower

Sentry Serial Power Tower


Integrate Remote Power Management with a Separate Input Serial Management Device

Application and Benefit… Sentry Serial Power Tower (PTSS) complements an existing input serial device and completes the approach for true remote management of light-out facility or an in-house data center.

Leverage the investment of remote serial or console access products by integrating Sentry Remote Power Management. Sentry Serial Power Tower (PTSS) integrates with any device with a bidirectional serial port to allow Remote Power Management and Measurement features through the input serial device. Use any existing Input Serial Device, such as a console access port product, terminal server, KVM, PC, laptop or environmental manager, to access and control each Power Tower.

Integrated approach
Use an input serial device to access and control the Sentry Serial Power Tower. Use a terminal server, console port access product, PC’s and other serial devices to manage the PTSS and leverage the investment in the data center’s existing infrastructure.

Remote Power Management
Individually control each power outlet or a group of outlets to remotely reboot network servers and internetworking devices. Or, power-off unused power outlets to prevent unauthorized power consumption on remote power circuit(s).

Input Current Monitor
Precisely measure the current (in amps) that network devices are drawing on each power circuit. A digital display indicator on the Power Tower provides on-site verification of the current, and the remote user’s interface screen reports the same current measurement.

Power-up Sequencing
Prevent an in-rush power overload. When power is suspended and restored to the Power Tower, the 16 power output receptacles power-on in four-second intervals to prevent a power in-rush from blowing a fuse or tripping a circuit breaker in your data center. An LED indicator at each receptacle signals the status of the power outlet.

Power Distribution
15, 20 or 30-Amp power input feed with straight-blade or twist-lock connectors. 120V or 230V. Username/Password Per Port Assign multiple users with limited access rights to only their designated outlets.

Zero U or Rack-mount Models

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