Sentry Power Manager: Measure, monitor and trend your power data

Sentry Power Manager: Measure, monitor and trend your power data


Sentry Power Manager: the most affordable and accurate system available that can measure, monitor and trend your power usage.

Get the data you need to make critical decisions regarding improving your uptime and energy efficiency while reducing costs and carbon footprint. Right at the rack level. Find out why the world’s top companies rely on SPM. Click here for our SPM Quick Facts data sheet.

“Sentry Power manager doesn’t just tell you that a cabinet has a problem; it gets out a map and shows you where the problem is.” Marty Sems, Processor

SPM helps you manage today’s biggest data center challenges:

  • Improving Uptime
  • Increased Power Costs
  • Lower Power Availability
  • Higher Density Cabinets
  • Capacity Planning
  • Green Initiatives
  • Continuous Measurement

Integration Interface Tool

Using an Application Programming Interface (API) based on industry standard SOAP and REST web service interfaces, allows SPM to communicate this information to your existing Monitoring and Managements Systems.API implementation allows SPM to act as “middle ware” streaming information to existing systems while still being available for Cabinet Power Distribution Unit (CDU) configuration, management and control. When managing a large number of CDU’s within the data center a central interface like SPM saves time and effort versus going to each units individual IP address. View the data sheet.

Click here to watch a narrated introductory short video to learn how Sentry Power Manager can help you reach your power management goals.

Read our latest White Paper on the benefits of SPM- Click Here.

View the SPM v5.0 Quick Start Guide

Critical data. Quick and easy.

Discover and manage multiple CDUs from one central location. You get all alarm notifications, a user activity log, reports and trends for power and environmental information as well as a single place to control user login and access. SPM’s browser-based console is accessible from anywhere, easy to read and provides a global overview of your power infrastructure assets while allowing you to drill straight down to the data center and rack levels.

A single pane of glass view of your entire CDU network, globally.

SPM gives you what you need. At a glance:

  • Measure, monitor and trend Server Technology or other CDUs from one location. You’ll get the power, temperature and humidity data you need to make the right decisions for your operation.
  • Measure at the most accurate level for power information – the CDU. (Green Grid Guideline)
  • Get the data you need to make informed decisions to improve your energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, streamline your operation and meet your green initiatives.
  • A central location for alarms. Receive email alerts when your pre-set thresholds are reached. You’ll know immediately if you have a problem.

Easy integration with third-party systems.

  • Support for third-party power distribution systems including APC, Geist and Raritan.
  • API (Application Programming Interface) access to power and environmental information for integration into third-party software systems (building management systems-BMS.) View the SPM API Data Sheet.

Reports & trends: Three years of data to show you what went on then versus now.

SPM tracks your power and environmental data with built-in, easy to use reports. You can store and trend three years of data for your operation, helping you to make the right decisions.

Designed by Experts.

Created by our talented team of software engineers that know power and understand your business. Developed to give you the data you need. Simple at-a-glance built-in reports. SPM is stand alone system or middleware to distribute power and environmental information into third-party system (using SPM API).

For the data sheet click here

SPM in the News:

Press Release: Server Technology Launches New Downloadable Version of SPM featuring improved data center power measurement accuracy capabilities and FTP server functionality. Click here for the full story.

Watch an introductory video to learn how SPM can measure, manage and trend your power (click here) or jump into a live Sentry Power Manager Environment now. This deployment is Live on the Interop Network. Username: spmdemo Password: sti01

Sentry Power Manager
Power Monitoring: N/A
In/Out Voltage: Global pdu power monitoring and management
Max Capacity: Global pdu power monitoring and management
Outlets/Types: Central Power pdu monitoring and management
Global pdu power monitoring and management
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