Sentry Power Distribution Unit

Sentry Power Distribution Unit


Power Tower Power Distribution Unit Application and Benefit… Network engineers utilize the PTPD’s Input Current Monitor to precisely measure the current (in amps) that network devices are drawing on the power circuit. As new equipment units are added to the power drop, the network engineer immediately observes its impact on the cumulative current draw. In this manner, the engineer can safely load the circuit to its maximum allowable load capacity.

Power Distribution
15, 20 or 30-Amp power input feed with straight-blade or twist-lock connectors. 120V or 230V.

Input Current Monitor
Precisely measures and reports the current (in amps) that network devices are drawing on each power circuit. An LED digital display indicator on the front panel of the Power Tower reports the current for on-site measurement.

Audible Alarm
Configure the Power Tower Power Distribution Unit (PTPD) with a maximum input current rating to prevent an overload. An audible alarm signals when the Input Current Threshold has been exceeded and continues to sound until the Input Current drops below the threshold value.

Zero U or Rack-mount Models

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