Sentry PDU400

Sentry PDU400


The Sentry™ PDU 400 offers -48 VDC power distributions with fuse protection per each output connection. Most importantly, the PDU 400 is the most flexible PDU you’ll ever deploy – so that the next time you change equipment in the cabinet, you won’t have to change the PDU, only the fuses for each outlet connection. The PDU 400 will support the ever-changing rack and cabinet equipment units ranging from low-amp thin servers to the high-amp Cisco Catalyst® and GSR® products.

Today’s remote co-location facilities and Telco central offices require both high current and lower current power distribution. The Sentry PDU Product Family uniquely features the flexibility to meet these diverse power distribution needs. The Sentry PDU 400 is designed with two (2) 200-amp power input feeds, GMT fuses for “Low Amp” output power connections and TPA fuses for “High Amp” output power connections.

Key Features

  • Dual – 48 VDC Input Power Feed Connections – 200 amps each
  • Quantity 24 Output Power “Low Amp” and “High Amp” Connections
  • Sentry PDU has the capacity and flexibility to distribute -48 VDC power to a wide variety of low-amp and high-amp equipment units
  • The most flexible power distribution panels available using GMT fuses and TPA fuses to distribute DC power to your equipment units and ensure current overloads will not damage the investment in your equipment
  • Grounding Assembly for earth grounds
  • Power Redundancy Option — “Fail Safe” model with steering diodes for redundant power supply
  • Designed for locally staffed POP sites, NOCs and equipment rooms
  • Interchangeable fuses protect a wide range of low-amp to high-amp devices ranging from low-amp thin servers to the high-amp Cisco Catalyst®
  • Qty (16) .5 to 15 Amp power outlet circuits protected by GMT fuses
  • Qty (8) 5 to 50 Amp power outlet connections protected by TPA fuses
  • Removable fuses can be used an on/off switch by installation engineers.
  • The Sentry PDU 400 is NEBS compliant

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