Sentry ATA Switch

Sentry ATA Switch


The Sentry Any-to-Any (ATA) Switch provides easy, practical and secure serial connections to a number of connected serial devices. This inexpensive matrix communications switch allows a network operator to establish serial communications to the management port of all the internetworking devices located in an equipment rack or distributed throughout an equipment room. This allows a communication session to be established with the management console port on an internetworking device, enabling you to solve problems or monitor your management system.

The Sentry ATA Switch supports 8 or 16 switched asynchronous connections and can been used successfully to make switched connections to management console ports on any device that can be controlled serially, including Cisco routers, Unix and NT servers, multiplexers and frame-relay controllers. Examples of applications executed with the Sentry ATA Switch include changing the configuration parameters of routers, Unix serial Console Management, performing remote software upgrades and running the dial-up Novell RCONSOLE application and dial-up pcAnywhere. Additionally, the Sentry Switch can eliminate multiple modems and dial-up lines and the need for an expensive terminal server.

  • 8 or 16 serial ports for console management of serial devices set at the same data rate as the Sentry
  • Ethernet (in-band), Modem (out-of-band) and RS-232C communications access to multiple RS-232C console ports
  • Establish a single Telnet session to connect to all 16 console ports
  • Eliminates the need for multiple phone lines to serial devices
  • Internal Modem option
  • IP security features
  • 115 VAC, 230 VAC and -48 VDC models
  • Auxiliary Power outlets
  • 1U rack height

Product Details

Optional Secure Global Modem
RS-232 Control
Rack-Mount Enclosure

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