Sensorsoft Water Sensing (snake) cable:

Sensorsoft Water Sensing (snake) cable:



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For use with the SS6201J Water Detector as shown above. The standard length of this cable is 20 feet (6 m). If you require a longer length, please contact our sales department for pricing. Includes adhesive fasteners.

P/N: C5000


C5000-10 Sensorsoft Water Sensing (snake) cable:
Similar to C5000, but only 10 feet (3 m) long.
C5001 Sensorsoft Water Sensing (spot) Module:
For use with the SS6201J Water Detector shown above. Suitable for detecting water that is confined to a specific area or spot. This encapsulated module can be fully submerged. Two mounting holes (0.182 in, 4.6 mm dia) permit it to be firmly attached to a surface with user provided hardware.