Sensorsoft RTD Cryogenic Thermometer

Sensorsoft RTD Cryogenic Thermometer



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This product uses an embedded Sensorsoft Alert appliance (described above) along with a specialized A/D module to provide a turn-key solution for monitoring low and cryogenic temperatures. This product finds its application in monitoring freezers, where you need to protect the storage of tissue, blood and cell specimens. It has the capability to monitor up to 6 temperature probes over a range of -200 C to +200 C. The SS1015 includes SSA7001 appliance, two TP1000 1/4″ diameter RTD temperature probes, Alert User Manual and cables. Replace -XXX with correct code for the power plug type you require: -001 North America/Japan, -002 Europe, -003 Australia/New Zealand, -004 UK/Ireland, -POE for Power-over-Ethernet.

P/N:┬áSS1015 – XXX
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