Sensorsoft Real-Time Contact and Voltage Sensor (Ethernet)

Sensorsoft Real-Time Contact and Voltage Sensor (Ethernet)



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Detect the state of 12 dry contact and 3 voltage sources in real-time. Two SPDT relays can be used to control door solenoids, audible alarms or other similar loads. This unit connects directly to a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet hub or switch and can be assigned an IP address. No device server is required. It accepts a peripheral power adapter for powering solenoids, motion sensors, glass break and smoke detectors. Supplied with user manual and screw terminal strips. This product is recommended for use with RWME software. Includes AC-DC power adapter or PoE splitter/adapter. Requires software – not included. Peripheral power adapter (PA6420) may be required if attached sensors/loads require a power supply.

P/N: SS6420E
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