Sensorsoft Alert – 1 Port Appliance

Sensorsoft Alert - 1 Port Appliance



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This standalone network (ethernet) ready appliance allows you to monitor one Sensorsoft device or virtually any sensor that has a supported Sensorsoft Plug-in. Sensor plugs into DB-9M connector on the unit. Sensor is not included, must be ordered separately. Unit plugs into an ethernet switch or hub using its RJ-45 10/100 interface and can be managed from a web browser or SNMP NMS. Alerts can be sent to cell phones and e-mail addresses using SMTP, when the limits you set are breached. Includes Sensorsoft Alert SSA7001 unit, autoswitching AC-DC power adapter or PoE splitter/adapter, Alert User Manual, MIB file and cables. Replace -XXX with correct code for the power plug type you require: -001 North America/Japan, -002 Europe, -003 Australia/New Zealand, -004 UK/Ireland, -POE for Power-over-Ethernet.

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