SecureLinx SLK Remote KVM

SecureLinx SLK Remote KVM


Complete KVM Control Via IP to Remotely Monitor and Manage Servers

The SecureLinx SLK Remote KVM product line offers complete digital hardware solutions for remotely controlling and managing from one to sixteen servers. Administrators can gain Keyboard/Video/Mouse access from anywhere a web browser or a VNC client is available. SecureLinx SLK allows IT professionals to reduce costs and downtime by providing secure, remote access from their desks, from home, or from across the globe.

SecureLinx SLK provides all the features of an IP KVM switch plus additional features for managing and connecting to the unit. The SLK16 offers independent access for up to six people via IP with any browser that supports Java or with a VNC client. Integrated serial ports can be used for connection to serial consoles, remote control via modem, or for control of other serial devices, such as power control units. No specialized software is needed to access the SLK, which can support up to 16 servers and is manageable via SNMP MIB.