SCS3205/SCS4805 Console Management Solutions

SCS3205/SCS4805 Console Management Solutions


Introducing Lantronix’s newest members to the ActiveLinxâ„¢ family of console management solutions – SCS3205/SCS4805 secure console servers (SCS). With ActiveLinx secure console servers, system administrators can tackle local and remote IT incidents in record time. In this way IT professionals gain key business advantages such as reducing the time attending to a problem in order to guarantee quality of service and lowering the total cost of ownership for equipment and maintenance. Importantly, it is easy to show a significant return on investment with faster problem solving capabilities and higher uptime.

Leveraging the console or emergency management port built into most servers, networking, and communication equipment, ActiveLinx secure console servers provide familiar tools such as telnet and SSH to remotely manage the performance and available of critical business information systems. Direct port access is available by specifying an IP address and port number, or each port can be selected by a separate IP address. Console ports are also accessible through the console server’s command line interface.

The new secure console servers feature a front panel keypad and display, for configuring network setting and other related parameters. A Web-based GUI is available for those preferring to manage the unit through a browser. And most of the features offered by the ActiveLinx console servers can be configured in less than 5 minutes.

Event Management Speeds Recovery
Event management proactively helps you locate the source of equipment problems and diagnose them quickly. Each port can be independently configured to buffer console messages from attached equipment, and to alert an administrator of potential problems by e-mail. Administrators can then review the stored console messages to quickly isolate problems minimizing system downtime. Two or more administrators can share console sessions simultaneously. This feature helps administrators to have joint sessions for troubleshooting or for training.

Robust Security
To safeguard remote equipment, several layers of security are provided out-of-the-box, that provide data center managers and systems administrators greater control and peace of mind. Authentication limits access to authorized users only, using LDAP, NIS, RADIUS, or local usernames and passwords. Access to attached equipment may be restricted with port-based user permissions and when used with NIS, port permissions can be centrally managed. SSH v2 provides strong encryption authentication over insecure channels. A built-in firewall allows unused services to be disabled, and inbound connections can be denied to minimize visibility of the unit to port scanning.

Easy Access to Your Network
With up to 48 ports in a rack-mountable 1U chassis, the ActiveLinx secure console servers provide the necessary tools to remotely manage the performance and availability of critical business information systems, minimizing downtime while increasing efficiency and productivity.

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