Saf-T-Fence™ Welded Wire Fence

Saf-T-Fence™ Welded Wire Fence


Saf-T-Fence™ provides an extra measure of structural strength and smaller welded wire mesh openings for increased security. We secure steel wire in a grid pattern welded at each intersection to steel frames. The process creates more than 500 welds in a 4′ x 8′ panel and that produces a welded wire fence panel that is substantially stronger than woven wire fence panels, as confirmed by independent testing.


Quality Construction: Panels are built on tough 1-1/2″ 14-gauge carbon steel frames. The 8-gauge wire mesh is securely welded at each intersection creating 1-1/2″ square mesh openings. The heavy-duty steel frames and tight mesh of welded wire provide extra security and structural integrity.

Modular: Component system makes fence planning and installing easy in any space. Easily relocated should needs change. Modular welded wire fence panels stack one on top of eachother between posts to create fence enclosures up to a height of 45′.

Maintenance-Free: Saf-T-Fence looks new for years to come. Posts are galvanized, frames and welded wire panels have one coat of durable grey gloss enamel.

Warranty: 5 years.

Also available: Numerous door and lock options, service window, ceiling panels, colors and pre-designed room kits.

Free fence layout service: We offer free layout and design for any security fence project, large or small. Should you require help with installation or service, we have a nationwide network of Folding Guard Dealers ready to help. Architects, contractors and builders — we can work with space drawings in AutoCAD format.