Rittal TopTherm

Rittal TopTherm


The New Cooling Generation

Heat and dust are significant risk factors for modern electronics. Reliable cooling, therefore, is an immensely important preventive measure to avoid costly production downtimes. The inside enclosure temperature is held constant at the desired level, independently of the ambient conditions. With carefully separated and well-insulated internal and external cooling chambers, dust penetration into the enclosure is eliminated. Rittal has addressed these common climate control obstacles with its most effective solution yet!

Rittal TopTherm, a new generation of air conditioners, defines new standards in performance:

  • Top Technology – a new dimension in convenience, reliability and flexibility
  • Top Design – aesthetically-pleasing looks
  • Top Performance – efficient generation, focused air circulation

The Reasons to Buy Rittal TopTherm Just Keep Mounting

When it comes to thermal build-up inside your enclosures, the top way to beat the heat is with a new TopTherm air conditioner from Rittal.

You see, Rittal’s newest climate control solution is loaded with more technology, reliability and operating efficiency – all in a variety of form factors, mounting options and cooling capacities ranging from 1,000 to 15,000 BTUs. TopTherm’s international design concept capacities are offered in single and three phase units. This state-of-the-art air conditioner boasts rugged components and construction perfect for the most demanding industrial environments and are housed in an innovative, sleek design. What’s more, you can perfectly control your cabinet with our smart new Comfort Controller and networking options.

So when you’re looking for the top way to cool your cabinets, look to Rittal.

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