Rittal and CommScope Develop Integrated Server Enclosure

Rittal and CommScope Develop Integrated Server Enclosure


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Rittal Corporation and CommScope have developed an integrated server enclosure solution that houses unique cabling cassettes that require “0” vertical space. The InstaPATCH® ZERO™ server cabinet solution is built on Rittal’s modular 600mm-wide server enclosure and equipped with pre-terminated cabling cassettes that require zero space in vertical racks—enabling full server deployment. Coupled with a 4U mini rack mounted above the cabinet, it provides copper and fiber connectivity in an integrated, modular system.

The InstaPATCH ZERO Server Enclosure solution helps to provide complete end-to-end pre-terminated structured cable solutions to make server cabinet deployment quicker, more efficient and readily adaptable to the expanding needs as a data center evolves. The unique “roll-in” and “plug-in” server enclosure deployment facilitates best practices in intra-cabinet cable management. In addition, this unique combination of Rittal and CommScope technologies allows organizations to adopt pre-terminated and flexible cabling solutions for easier and faster server deployments in installations where space is at a premium.

In addition to their product development agreement, Rittal Corporation and CommScope are jointly marketing the product through their respective sales channels. In support of this arrangement, CommScope is providing complete product information on their Patching Solutions web page and also in their online eCatalog system. The eCatalog system provides direct access to full product specifications for more than sixty different enclosure configurations.

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