Remote Watchman Enterprise

Remote Watchman Enterprise


The Remote Watchman product line is software that allows you to control and monitor remote environments using your Windows based computer and various Sensorsoft protocol devices. It provides a low cost way for your computer to keep watch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving you the freedom to do whatever you need, without worry.

Sensorsoft revolutionizes Remote Watchman by adding Remote Watchman Enterprise, a web-based product that can monitor and manage all of your Sensorsoft Devices with one application. Remote Watchman Enterprise also has the ability to monitor TCP Servers and Network Cameras. By using your web browser, Remote Watchman Enterprise can display live measurements, alerts and log data. It operates as an NT Service (in the background) reading of all your sensors, servers and network cameras, logging data to a file with a time/date stamp and most importantly – alerting you with text messages to your pager, digital phone or e-mail when environmental conditions become unacceptable.

Remote Watchman Graphing Tool has been integrated into Remote Watchman Enterprise for a complete solution. Profile and graph data with as little as two mouse clicks.