RCU-OThe Switched Ultra PDU is the ultimate PDU providing all of the benefits of Geist’s Switched PDU plus outlet level current and kWatt-Hour monitoring. With this level of comprehensive data at the rack level, site managers can easily measure and monitor efficiency and productivity for each piece of equipment in the rack. One of the most significant steps an IT manager can take to decrease their power expense is to shut down ghost servers which are consuming energy but not performing useful work. The Switched Ultra PDU is the place where IT and facilities can come together to maximize savings.


Remote switching of individual receptacles Eliminate emergency service calls by rebooting unresponsive equipment via your smart phone

Conserve energy with remote shut down of equipment during non-working hours

Sequential start up Avoid power interruptions due to high in rush currents

Equipment start up in desired sequence

Remote circuit level power monitoring Prevent down-time with early notification of power threshold breach
Remote outlet level power monitoring Monitor and log server power consumption data
Max Groups Amps (MGA) Prevent circuit overload with group amps threshold settings
2 Remote environmental sensor ports Monitor temperature, air flow, humidity and dew point via connected sensors
Threshold alarms (remote & local) Convenient notification via e-mail, SNMP traps and/or audible alarm via RSD
Remote LCD display (RSD) Easily viewable power data via RSD
Interfaces with IP web cameras Visual monitoring of cabinet or computer room
Accessible via any web browser Easy installation & maintenance – No external software View data graphs and analyze historical logs


Internal Power Sensors Software Reset Button
Volts RMS: 80-280 VAC Remote Display (RSD2X8) Connection Jack
Amps RMS: 0-32A External Sensor Connection Ports
Ethernet Connection Jack Two RJ12 Jacks
Power On Indicator – connect up to 16 Remote Sensors via Splitters
Idle Indicator
Activity Indicator



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