r200 Rack Reader

r200 Rack Reader


The 433 MHz R200 Rack Reader reader interprets and reports the radio frequency messages emitted by RF Code R100, R110, and R120 tags attached to assets located within the rack. Its unique antenna design and configuration enables the R200 to quickly locate and identify tagged assets in the rack. Once assets are located, the R200 works with RF Code’s Zone Manager application (sold separately) to precisely determine the rack in which the asset resides. R200 readers feature a rear-facing Ethernet connection for convenient connection to an organization’s data network.. RF Code’s patented communication protocols allow for very high tag densities.

The compact R200 reader is designed to use little or no space in your rack cabinets. It can be installed in a standard 1-U space in the top of the cabinet, or alternately can be mounted to the top of the cabinet or even on the cabinet’s exterior, enabling you to easily install readers without having to rearrange rack assets.

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