RF Code 120 Rack Door Tag

RF Code 120 Rack Door Tag


The 433 MHz R120 door tag is a battery-powered RF transmitter that attaches to standard IT rack cabinet doors. Once installed on the door frame the R120 will monitor and report the door status, enabling you to track enclosure access attempts using your active RFID asset inventorying infrastructure.

Designed for use on rack cabinet doors, the 433 MHz R120 tag is a battery-powered RF transmitter that attaches to the door of a standard rack cabinet. Every tag broadcasts its unique ID and the door status message once every 10 seconds. Door status messages are received by RF Code’s R200 Active RFID Rack Reader.

These affordable, single-use tags consist of an active RFID tag and a corresponding magnet assembly. Each piece features an industrial-strength adhesive backing for quick and easy installation. The R120’s form factor ensures clear signal transmission in high-density rack and data center deployments. Plus, RF Code’s patented communication protocols allow for very high tag densities.

R120 tag cases are impact resistant, splash resistant and temperature stable. The R120 tag operates with a very low duty cycle that translates to long battery life (typically > 7 years with a 10-second beacon rate).

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