R100 Rack Asset Tag

R100 Rack Asset Tag


Designed for use with rack-mounted assets, the 433 MHz R100 battery-powered RF transmitter features an industrial-strength adhesive backing for quick and easy installation. Simply peel off the adhesive backing and attach the tag to any standard U-mounted rack assets that needs to be tracked, located and identified.

The form factor of these affordable, single-use tags ensures clear signal transmission in rack and data center deployments. Every tag broadcasts its unique ID and a status message once every 10 seconds using RF Code’s patented communication protocols, allowing for very high tag densities and ensuring accurate collection of asset inventory and location data. Asset data is then received by RF Code’s R200 Active RFID Rack Reader.

R100 tag cases are impact resistant, splash resistant and temperature stable. The R100 tag operates with a very low duty cycle that translates to long battery life (typically > 7 years at a 10-second beacon rate).

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