Powerware Rack Mount Guide

Powerware Rack Mount Guide


Industry-leading power density and innovation

Powerware Rackmount (RM) UPSs are based on field-proven, industry leading technology. They offer a wide range of VA/Watt ratings and are designed to address and support a variety of applications including RAID, SANs, Blade Servers, IT, Telecomm, Medical and other network equipment configurations. Powerware RM UPSs are compatible with virtually all popular rack systems and are easy to install.

All utility power suffers from power fluctuations. Sometimes fluctuations are so small you won?t even notice, but sometimes they are substantial. Yet even the most advanced computer systems are very sensitive to disturbances in their power supplies. Effects of these fluctuations may be devastating for today?s data systems including shutoffs, system lockups, corrupted files and data damage. A large percentage of data loss in unprotected systems is caused by bad power. To overcome the problems caused by bad power, it is essential to use an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

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