Powerware 5125 UPS

Powerware 5125 UPS


The Powerware 5125 Tower UPS provides advanced backup power and power quality management for PCs, workstations, and servers. Delivering basic surge protection and backup power, the Powerware 5125 UPS additionally offers the best UPS power protection against five of the nine common power quality problems.

Tower configurations only, the Powerware 5125 power protection solution is the most flexible UPS system in the 1-2.2 kVA power range.

Features and Benefits

  • ABM® UPS battery management system doubles service life and notifies user of the need for UPS battery replacement
  • Extended Battery Modules (EBMs) increase UPS battery runtime capability
  • Buck and Double Boost UPS voltage regulation enables pure sine wave output
  • Load Segment Control (separate receptacle groups) enables scheduled shutdowns and maximum backup power time for critical devices
  • Network Transient Protector isolates networks, modems and cables from power surges and spikes
  • X-slot option cards extend power management capabilities
  • Hot-swappable UPS batteries minimize downtime, and extend backup power time for critical devices
  • 2400/3000 VA UPS system models increase backup power runtime via hot-swappable electronics and UPS battery module
  • Two-in-One UPS rack and tower form factor provides versatilit

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