No Extra Dial Lines Needed!

The user can turn power ON, OFF or Reboot (Power Cycle) remote equipment from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD by entering tone (DTMF) digits using an ordinary tone dial phone.

The phone line connected to PowerPALcan also be used by other equipment in a normal manner after control of power. With one phone call, you can power up, down or reboot equipment then ring the telephone device connected to PowerPAL’s Extension port.

Pal works by answering the call and listening for dialing tones. If correct tones are heard, PowerPAL responds with the current power status and then allows additional tone digits sent to control power. Once power control is completed, the device connected to PowerPAL’s Extension can be rung and accessed if desired.

PowerPAL features four call answering modes, many security and power control options, making it easy to use and very flexible. An On/Off/Auto switch allows local manual control. PowerPAL is factory set with the most common operating mode. PowerPAL is easily re-programmed using a standard tone dial phone.