Phantom Specter

Phantom Specter


The Phantom Specter, the first ever distributed micro-sized KVM switch, is especially designed for single user KVM management of up to 63 servers on a single line making it the ideal solution for high density server and rack environments like server farms, data centers or corporate server rooms.

The micro-sized Specter provides much more power than a conventional switch by freeing up rack space, eliminating cable clutter and maximizing your flexibility.

Advanced Management and Security Options

The Phantom Specter features advanced On Screen Display (OSD) management, including multi-layered security, the most efficient way for monitoring, accessing and controlling your servers.

You can also manage your Phantom system, via a serial port, using the Phantom’s Control Software or any other third party software.

Less Switch Space Means More Server Space

Phantom’s Distributed Switching Technology (DST) divides the KVM switch into smaller subunits: a Manager and multiple Remote units. The Remote units can be placed inside the servers (PCI Cards) or on the side or back of the rack (Specter Units) where they occupy no rack space! Now you can dedicate more of your rack to servers instead of wasting space on switches.


The Phantom Specter system consists of two separate units:

* 1 Universal Phantom Manager (UPM) unit per system

* 1 Remote unit per computer (Specter) up to 63 per line