Out-of-Band Networking

Out-of-Band Networking


An MRV Out-of-Band Network provides secure remote service port access and remote power control to devices in an organization’s networks and infrastructures, including data centers, remote sites, and test labs. MRV solutions reduce costs and improve service levels by providing access to critical IT resources from any location.

Console/Terminal Servers

The LX Series Console Servers provide remote serial connectivity to routers, switches, Unix/Linux/Windows servers, sensors and a wide variety of other equipment through a widely available, reliable, cost-effective connection. Read More »

Power Management

Intelligent Power Management solutions for AC and DC power solutions combine power distribution and remote power control, and power monitoring of individual outlets. Read More »

Sensor Networking

Sensor networking support in the LX Series console servers or Sensor Managers provides an IP-based method to monitor and automate physical infrastructure resources including heat, humidity, fire alarms, and security cameras, as well as physical entry points such as doors and windows. Read More »

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