Nfinity – 60Hz

Nfinity - 60Hz


An Easily Scalable, Incredibly Intelligent, Remarkably Redundant UPS That Takes Systems Availability To The Next Level

The Nfinity power system is a scalable 4 to 16 kVA or 12 to 20 kVA UPS, designed with N+x parallel redundancy to provide a fault-tolerant network of power protection. Its modular design was devised to provide easy scalability to users as their power demands grow. Configurations can be cost-effectively upgraded without re-investing in a new system or installation.

Nfinity’s patent pending frame design houses all of the modular system components, including 4 kVA power modules, battery modules and system control modules. By simply installing additional power or battery modules, you can expand your current system, extend your backup runtime or add redundancy. Hot-swap capability makes it easy to add or replace modules.

The system’s fault-tolerant design enables the intelligent power and battery modules to take themselves off-line if there is a problem — without compromising system integrity. Self-diagnostic capabilities simplify maintenance and troubleshooting. Nfinity also offers redundancy in its unique paired system controls, internal and external bypass, and monitoring options.

Ideal Applications

  • Network servers
  • Enterprise telecommunications systems
  • LAN gateways, bridges and routers
  • Mini-computers, superservers and server clusters
  • Clusters of PCs or workstations and peripherals
  • RAID arrays and other large-scale data handling systems

Product Features

  • Scalable for redundancy, power capacity or battery run time, offering greater flexibility in how you can use the system.
  • Built-in intelligence is provided by system level and individual module microprocessor controls, increasing UPS functionality, communications and reliability.
  • N+x parallel redundancy is achieved by adding extra power and battery modules that equally share the electrical load.
  • In redundant configuration, a failed module will automatically take itself off-line while the other modules continue to support the connected equipment.
  • Multiple and simultaneous communication ports that allow in-band/out-of-band communications.
  • Variable input voltage range minimizes battery operation to increase battery life.
  • An internal bypass feature ensures the availability of output power further increasing system availability.
  • Continuous sinewave output power makes the system compatible with virtually any type of electronic equipment.
  • Power factor correction feature reduces reflected distortion and optimizes utility power conservation.
  • Communications capability for use with Liebert SiteNet UPS shutdown monitoring software.
  • Two-year limited warranty.

Liebert Nfinity PDF (722 KB)

Emerson Liebert