NetSure 802 DC Power System

NetSure 802 DC Power System


High-Density Power Systems for Business Critical Applications

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The NetSureā„¢ 802 introduces the highest density, power factor corrected, 3-Phase input rectifier on the market. The overall system density now becomes a function of the number of load points that the end customer requires.

The base system offering provides a space savings of nearly 30% over conventional switch-mode power plants without sacrificing the overall cable management of the plant. The addition of integral AC Distribution (PDSC), battery disconnects, and comprehensive LMS1000 monitoring capabilities add value to the overall DC Power offering. The NetSure platform integrates these features into the entire DC system seamlessly with a depth of features never before seen in the industry.

Another primary concern addressed with this power system is the field safety of both the installation teams as well as the maintenance teams once the system is operational. With a fully enclosed bus system, the system provides a simple bolt-on solution for complete bay expansion that connects the -48VDC and return busses with a single part per polarity. This element reduces the need for hundreds of pounds of copper and hours of assembly time during the installation or expansion process, along with allowing the system to be deployed into lower ceiling height buildings as well as raised floor data centers.

The NetSure 802 may be configured with traditional main battery termination bars. For these applications, we recommend EA343441 Series bars available in standard capacities from 4,000 to 16,000 amps.

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