NetSure 502 Series

NetSure 502 Series


-48V DC Power System

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NetSure 502 582136800 Application Guide
NetSure 502 582136700 Application Guide

The NetSure™ 502 DC Power Solution is a flexible system capable of providing DC power through the use of eSure™ 2000W rectifiers and a variety of output distribution options. The system is available in a bulk output configuration, integrated distribution configuration and a distribution panel style configuration. The NetSure 502 is available in both 19″ and 23″ rack-mount configurations, suited for up to 600 amp power requirements in the most harsh environments. The system is supported by a single ACU+ or SCU+ controller that provides all control and operational conditions, as well as historical site data and external signal conditioning and monitoring. Each initial rectifier shelf includes a slot for the controller and space for the rectifiers. Distribution is either provided by output bus bars, fuses or breakers located in the power shelf, or an externally mounted distribution panel.

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