MRV WDM & Optical Transport Solutions

MRV WDM & Optical Transport Solutions


The line of MRV WDM & Optical Transport Solutions consists of scalable Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) systems specifically designed for businesses and service providers that require flexible, compact, cost-effective systems that will multiplex transports and protect high-speed data, storage, voice, and video applications. Having more than 15 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of fiber optic systems and network infrastructure equipment, MRV has earned a world-class reputation as optical transport innovators. MRV was the first to use multimode extension (MMX) technologies and CWDM with 16 wavelengths multiplexing. MRV was the first to develop SDI interfaces in the SFPs (Small Factor Pluggable) format. The unique optical-layer design of MRV’s equipment supports in-service migration of CWDM to DWDM throughout the entire chassis range. The flexibility of MRV’s products, combining CWDM and DWDM, advanced TDM multiplexing, and all-inclusive optical cards designed for pluggable optics (SFP/XFP) interfaces, offers service providers a lower initial cost, allowing for starting with fewer channels units, while ensuring simple system upgrades or future network reconfigurations, and keeping minimal spares inventory and maximum end user flexibility.

Integration of IP/MPLS Intelligence With WDM Services

Technology Outline
WDM and IP/MPLS technologies enable service providers and network architects to build scalable, reliable, secure and optimized public networks. The WDM technology represents a unique opportunity for an almost unlimited potential bandwidth, addressing intensive demand for broadband services. The MPLS technology is an intelligent state-of-the-art layer that combines carrier-class traffic control with connection-oriented service. The combination of both technologies delivers the best offering for converged service provision and intelligent traffic control over a transport network.

MRV’s WDM & IP/MPLS solution – The integrating structure between layers
MRV consolidates both technologies in its service aware solution to enable sophisticated E-LAN and E-Private Line services with a modular conceptual design by economies of scale. MRV’s intelligent integrated services into WDM offer advanced traffic management and Quality of Service along with optical optimization.

By combining MPLS into WDM, MRV introduces a new array of services based on physical layer fiber transportation with end-to-end traffic engineering, ATM-like QoS signaling, path and node protection and multilayer OAM. MRV’s multilayer OAM facilitates SLA enforcement with deep inspection of applications and services that are monitored for statistics, connectivity and fault management.

MRV’s WDM & Intelligent IP/MPLS portfolio introduces a new and advanced approach to the carrier market by means of its unique level of application awareness and flexible tailor-made solutions for enhanced optical services.

Solution Advantages – Service Aware Networking Over WDM

  • Premium private manageable services
    • Optical private line service – dedicated fiber/channel
    • Transparent protocols over same fiber up to 10 Gbps speed
      • MPLS
      • SDH/SONET
      • ATM
      • Fiber Channel
      • Sub-rate TDM over wavelength
    • Tunable wavelength services and long haul capabilities
    • Extra resilience combined with MPLS
      • Deterministic network behavior
      • Per service/path/line protection
    • Scalable CWDM & DWDM solution from access to core
    • Flexible multiple logical topologies over single physical fiber
      • Point-to-Point
      • Mesh
      • Ring
      • Star
    • Optical MPLS cross connect with physical and logical isolation
      • Capable of switching a service controlled by dynamic protocols