MNP Single and 3-Phase Power

MNP Single and 3-Phase Power


The RPS Remote Power Sensor is a 3-Phase power distribution unit that combines power and environmental monitoring into one convenient power management solution. Along with other members of our new 3-Phase product line, the RPS affords substantially more power capacity than single phase. By addressing the needs to monitor power and temperature created by additional equipment in Data Centers and IT infrastructures, the RPS unit provides you with the ability to increase the life expectancy of your equipment and ultimately your return on investments within these conditions.

The RPS’s rich feature set can be combined with the SNMP controller the DS Series. An RS-232 interface between the controller and the RPS allows for full SNMP monitoring and control for a maximum of 32 RPS’s with only one Ethernet connection. The modular design of a DS Series ( maximum flexibility when determining the size of your installation. Combined with Global Power Management software ( the DS-Series SNMP controllers provide an enterprise level solution for controlling power, as well as monitoring power and physical environmental.

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