The PVD Modular Power and Server Modular Solutions designs allow the selection of standardized, modular components to create a customized solution in addition to features such as High Powered Power Back Up and High Density Server Cooling – all within a fully insulated custom modular package.


  • Disaster Recovery Data Center (OLTP app-stack, High Density Server farm, VoIP)
  • Cost Effective Datacenter (failover, cold standby, mobile dispatch)
  • Temporary Expansion Site
  • Internet Archive Remote Site
  • Emergency Response Services Mobile Command Center
  • Field Operations Support Unit

Key Features

  • Server MCIE
  • AirMover 500 up to 22 server racks
  • MegaCool up to 44 server racks
  • Track Busway distribution
  • Fiber and Cabling Management
  • Chilled Water High Efficiency Cooling
  • Extreme Ambient Capabilities
  • Global Services Warranty and Support

Chiller Package

  • Factory Packaged Modular Solutions
  • Dual Chiller Design for Redundancy
  • Low Ambient Package
  • Water Side Economizer Free Cooling Options

Power MCIE

  • 100/500/800 KW, 1MW solutions
  • Self Contained cooling Package
  • Fire Suppression and Smoke Detection
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Remote Access Control
  • Secure Entry
  • Surveillance Package
  • Global Services Warranty and Support

WDM2 ModPod