The LORAIN® XP 4890 (LXP) is the younger sibling to the LXP 48500 platform, bringing internal distribution to the existing high capacity 2RU power shelf platform. The XP 4890 platform is built from the same high powered LXC300 controller and rectifiers, but allows the system to be completely configured into a compact, 2RU system solution. Applications for the XP 4890 include Digital Loop Carrier, small microwave, Digital Subscriber Line, FTTx solutions, Radio Base Stations, Point of Presence, fiber repeaters, or data center applications requiring -48VDC power.

The power shelf allows for up to (3) 1500 watt 48VDC rectifiers for a total of 4500 watts of power conversion. A single AC feed is available for both 120VAC or 208/240VAC inputs. The internal distribution can be configured for a number of different options:

  • Internal distribution configured with load and/or battery shunts
  • Low voltage load or battery disconnect
  • Up to (4) 1-150A load distribution circuit breakers/fuse postions
  • Up to 10 GMT load distribution fuse positions

The controller in the LXP System commands up to 17 rectifiers, has a 2-line VFD display for extreme termperature operability, and is temperature hardened to 80°C operation. Feature enhancements include:

  • Battery reserve time monitor
  • Battery discharge plotting
  • Loss of redundancy alarm
  • Sequential rectifier start
  • Rectifier and battery age tracking
  • Constant power mode of operation

Emerson Liebert