The LORAIN® XP (LXP) platform brings Emerson Network Power into the forefront of the cabinetized and small power marketplace. Compared with our existing products, the LXP 150 – 137 amps at 54.48VDC (7.5kW) redundant in 2 rack units provides 67% more output current in 60% less rack space. The system can be configured with up to 3 rectifier shelves paralleled, for a maximum capacity of 440 amps redundant (24kW), in 6 rack units of space.

The initial release features a 1500watt 48VDC rectifier module. When operated in voltage control mode, the rectifier will deliver 25 amps output current at rated voltage. As an option the rectifier can be operated in constant power mode, where it delivers up to a maximum of 32.5 amps at 46VDC, a beneficial feature during recharge when batteries and switching loads demand more current.

The controller in the LXP System commands up to 17 rectifiers (3 shelves in parallel) has a 2-line display and keypad with operation similar to VPS and LPS systems. Feature enhancements include:

  • Battery reserve time monitor
  • Battery discharge plotting
  • Loss of redundancy alarm
  • Sequential rectifier start
  • Rectifier and battery age tracking
  • Constant power mode

Emerson Liebert