LORAIN CSP/CIP Access 4860/48120

LORAIN CSP/CIP Access 4860/48120


The LORAIN® CSP/CIP Access 4860/48120 DC Power System satisfies the power requirements for mini to small-sized power applications that require up to 4500W. These include only Digital Loop Carriers equipped with SLC 96 / Series 5 equipment requiring reliable -48VDC power. A front accessible, easily installed power solution that’s an ideal fit inside outdoor cabinets, CEVs and huts. The LORAIN® CSP/CIP Access’ “designed-in” simplicity minimizes engineering, installation and maintenance costs while delivering extreme reliability.


Power Shelf

  • Choice of LORAIN® CSP Access 4845 power shelf (110VAC) with 750W rectifier modules or LORAIN® CSP Access power shelf (110 or 220VAC) with 1500W or 750W rectifier modules
  • Up to 2,250W/-48V plus redundancy in a 23″ rackmount shelf for 110VAC applications
  • Up to 4,500W/-48V plus redundancy in a 23″ rackmount shelf for 220VAC applications
  • System Manager SP or IP
  • LORAIN® CSP Access 4890 offers six load positions for:
    • Single position circuit breakers (1 to 100A)
    • Single position TPS fuses (1 to 50A)
    • 3-position block for 10 SAN-O fuses (0.18 to 20A)
  • 3 battery connections (6 AWG Anderson Quick Connectors) in both solutions expandable to 6 smaller strings with optional wire harness
  • 11.82″ depth
  • 5.21″ height
  • Front accessible, plug-in design
  • Wide AC input range (single phase)
  • Two connectorized AC cord
  • Optional field replaceable BLVD
  • NEBS Level 3 Certified
  • UL, EMI/EMC FCC Class B

Ring & Distribution Module

  • Stand-alone or with Power Shelf
  • Accommodates up to five (5) SLC96 or Series 5 channel banks
  • 35 distribution fuse positions (1 to 10A), seven per channel bank
  • Order Wire & DC test pair optional module and 3 surge suppressors
  • Screw type terminal block for Major and Minor alarms
  • 11.22″ depth
  • 2.25″ height
  • Five Fan Shelf connectors
  • Dual plug-in 50VA ring generators
  • NEBS Level 3 Certified
  • UL, EMI/EMC FCC Class B

Emerson Liebert