LORAIN CIP 4890/120

LORAIN CIP 4890/120


The LORAIN® CIP 4890/120 DC Power System satisfies the power requirements for mini to small-sized power applications that require up to 6,000W. These include Radio Base Stations, Point of Presence, Digital Loop Carrier, Fiber Repeaters, Small Microwave, Digital Subscriber Line, and other communication equipment or Data Center applications requiring reliable -48VDC power. A front accessible, easily installed power solution that’s an ideal fit inside CEVs, huts, and shelters, the LORAIN® CIP´s “designed-in” simplicity minimizes engineering, installation and maintenance costs while delivering extreme reliability.


  • Up to 4,500W/-48V in a 19″ rackmount shelf
  • Up to 6,000W/-48V in a 23″ rackmount shelf
  • Choice of 1500W or 750W Rectifier modules
  • 2 controller module types
  • Six load positions for:
    • Single position circuit breakers (1 to 100A)
    • Single position TPS fuses (1 to 50A)
    • 3-position block for 10 SAN-O fuses(0.18 to 20A)
  • 3 battery connections (6 AWG Anderson Quick Connectors)
  • 12″ depth
  • Front accessible, plug-in design
  • Wide AC input range (single phase)
  • UL, CSA, CE, VDE,
  • NEBS Level 3 Certified
  • EMI/EMC FCC Class B

Emerson Liebert