LMS Furniture for Technology-driven Environments

LMS Furniture for Technology-driven Environments


What is a “technical environment?”

As the integrated technology increases in the lab environment, Eaton continues to be the market leader in equipping those settings. Providing the right combination and access for computers, electronics and instrumentation, Eaton improves employee productivity and experience, facilitating safety, comfort and ergonomics, while maximizing the use of expensive square footage in high-density “shared- footprint” work environments.

How do you come up with a design that addresses efficiency, economy, functionality, safety and constant change? You keep it adaptable, dynamic and open from the design right down through to the user level— effectively integrating people with technology. By using open architecture modular furniture you have better utilization of space, improved interaction between work groups and lower construction costs.

This brochure presents case studies of some of Eaton’s installations highlighting the reasons why our customers count on us to outfit their technology–intensive work environments. At Eaton we like to say that no one can effectively rack and stack more computers, electronics, instrumentation, testing equipment and peripherals in a given footprint than we can.

Our modular laboratory furniture systems and lab benches give you and your facility planners the ultimate flexibility to create space-efficient laboratory configurations that are
easily adapted to changes in technology and workflow.

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