KVM MK-348 Digital and Analog Firewall-KVM Switch

KVM MK-348 Digital and Analog Firewall-KVM Switch


The MK-348 is a 48-ports enterprise-class digital/analog Keyboard, Video, Mouse (KVM) switch solution that features an integrated firewall and an enhanced security suite with a state-of-the-art remote IP and 8 analog ports. Enabling the simultaneous control of up to 48 servers, the MK-348 provides superb quality video performance to the remote IP and to analog users, combining a unique embedded firewall and security schemes. The MK-348 is the first in the MAX-KVM line of products and provides the perfect KVM solution for the most demanding customers.

Boasting an industrial record of combining 48 server ports in one compact 1U rack-mounted enclosure, The MAX-KVM line of products improves scalability and modularity in multi-server environment and satisfies growing computing needs. Higher level of scalability achieved in MAX-KVM switch products provides the user with an easy path for hardware expansion, simplifies administration and management of server farms, and enables straightforward topology. In addition, the MK-348 provides other benefits such as scalability, saving costly space and power, easier maintenance, improved performance, lower per server investment and operation cost, and better investment protection.

The MK-348, is based on a new and advanced design comprising the best available components and technology, to delivers a superb quality video with high update rate, and a clear, high fidelity screen image. The MK-348 supports nearly all the computer screen resolution options up to an industry record UXGA (1600X1200 pixels), ensuring that practically there is no actual limitation to which server may be connected to the MK-348. Low intrinsic video latency and mouse commands delay, results in tight local and remote mice synchronization, hence enabling a more realistic operation.

The integration of a firewall into a digital KVM, a unique feature of the MK-348, provides a new level of security for the controlled servers and to the KVM switch itself. The encryption of IP video, as well as control and management data, ensures security and privacy over the entire network, while exposing only a single TCP/IP port for minimal vulnerability. Supporting a wide set of authentication standards ensures safe, easy and flexible assimilation into the IT environment. Equipped with dual networks connections, the MK-348 provides enhanced security schemes, resiliency and flexibility.

To ensure simple and intuitive usage, the MK-348 offers a highly flexible and secured administration of servers, from a remote desktop or a web browser, anywhere in the world, without the need for frequent cumbersome software installations. Additionally, maintaining other servers and administrating the KVM switch itself can be performed via a direct control port, or via an analog connection.

Unlike most other KVM switches on the market today, which require the customer to compromise on their desired features, and pick only part of their wish list, the MK-348 affords all the features in one package, including: secure, scalable and comprehensive architecture, remarkable hardware capabilities and performance, and efficient yet simple to use software. All these features makes the MK-348 extremely adaptive and able to answer all requirements of Enterprise and data center customers, making it the right KVM switch product of choice to the demanding clients