KoldLok Surface Mount Raised-Floor Grommet

KoldLok Surface Mount Raised-Floor Grommet


Seal Raised-Floor Cable Cutouts in Active Data Centers

Like the original Koldlok Integral, the Surface Mount is designed to seal cable cutouts to prevent cooling air from bypassing heat-generating computer equipment racks.

The Surface Mount has the added feature of being installed over cable cutouts without the need to move or shut-off equipment or disconnect cables. Engineered as a split device, the Surface Mount comes apart to facilitate placement around cable bundles. Installation on floor tiles is accomplished through special adhesives, eliminating the need for tools and drilling.

  • Surface Mount Features and Benefits
  • Installs in active data centers without affecting operations
  • Installs easily around existing cable cutouts and can be separated to facilitate recabling
  • Double layers of opposing conductive filaments seal around cables with up to 100% effectiveness
  • Enables precision cooled air delivery to computer equipment air intakes, especially to the top of the racks
  • Allows easy pass-through of power plug connectors and large cable bundles of up to 4” x 8”
  • Large usable opening combined with very effective sealing allows Koldlok to fill most cable cutout requirements
  • No training, tools, or quality control required to assure resealing after cables have been installed or removed
  • Increases static pressure and airflow through perforated tiles or grates
  • Increases cooling unit efficiency
  • Two Koldlok units can be installed on a single floor tile
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