International Medical Grade Power Cords

International Medical Grade Power Cords


WDM inc is proud to introduce the Clear Plug International Power Cords for every region of the world so that the Medical and Dental OEM can offer consistency within their product line regarding the power cord. The power cords are 100% tested for continuity and the clear plugs give the end user an extra comfort level because it allows them to look and make sure the connections are secure and in the correct location.

When it comes to patient safety, we only offer the best.

In Europe, there are 5 areas with their own style of plug and approvals standards. Denmark, Italy, Continental Europe (such as France, Germany, Spain), United Kingdom (UK) and Switzerland are the different configurations you can find there.

Key Features:

  • Come with Clear Ends (Both Plug and C13)
  • Country Approvals
  • Come with standard 2.5mH05VVF3G1.0mm2 Black jacket
  • RoHS Compliant